• We do all piercing and jewelry insertion services either on a walk in basis or by appointment. Please contact the shop for our piercers hours and availability before coming down to the shop.

  • For all walk-in services, we ask that you arrive at least a half-hour prior to closing.

  • We also accept appointments online with a deposit that goes toward the price of the piercing service (Body Jewelry is not included in the deposit price). Feel free to book by clicking the “BOOK NOW” tab in the header or visit www.superflytattoos.fullslate.com


  • We require clients have proper identification every visit—even if you’ve shown it on a previous trip. For more information about our ID policies, including what forms are acceptable go to our ID REQUIREMENTS


  • Please try to eat a meal or snack within four hours prior to any service (including jewelry insertion or stretching) as this lessens the risk of becoming nauseous or faint.

  • If you are a seasoned pro or this is your first piercing, fear not we strive to be precise and as fast and pain free as possible. While we don’t mind you having a drink before hand or taking a mild pain reliever (such as ibuprofen) please respect our piercer and do not come in hammered drunk or high on drugs as we reserve the right to decline your services.



  • Not all piercings will work for your body.

  • If your desired placement wont work please understand we are trying to ensure you leave with a healthy piercing with a good chance of healing.

  • We don’t like to turn away clients, but we do reserve the right to decline services if we don’t feel it will make for a successful piercing.

  • Above all, have fun and leave the hard work to us!